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Today is January 23, 2021

Thai Holic Laboratory

In this month’s issue, the Thai Holic Laboratory has put together an exceptional must-try catalogue of Thai goodies including the famous Ko-Thai Fritter dish crafted by Head Chef Gheng a.k.a. GOGI SAN JUK (고기산적)

1. Hell Wings
Straight from Hell. Extremely spicy.

2. Holic Chicken Over Rice
Marinated chicken thigh, fresh ginger, and scallion served with jasmine rice and soy bean ginger sauce.

3. Ko-Thai Fritter
Our home made fritter (and not from the supermarkets), and it will be served at limited quantity per day with premium pork, corn, and head chef’s secret ingredients.

4. A-Roy Noodle
Creamy Thai style tomato Sauce, carrots, celery, onion, scallion, and egg.

Fact #1

We don’t dilute the coconut curry with water, like other competitors do, to save food costs. All curries are made of 100% coconut milk from Thailand.

Fact #2

We never do batch cooking.

Fact #3

Thai Holic hires only full time chefs to keep the consistency on every dish.